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Orthos Braces System

The Orthos Avanced Braces System:

Blending Tried and True Excellence With Advanced Technology

The Orthos surgical grade stainless steel bracket system is considered one of the advanced systems of braces used world wide.  The bio-engineered geometries of the Orthos braces are designed to help Dr. McNutt deliver finishing precision and are used by the world’s most demanding clinicians.  Orthos is derived from computer-aided anatomical analysis and is the first computer-engineered coordinated system of brackets and wires. The precision bracket geometries and a coordinated arch form are designed to consistently deliver quality results.  The modern Orthos system was developed during a twelve year research program on the relationship of human dental anatomy & orthodontic  appliance geometry and is highly regarded as one of the most accurate  patient specific appliances available to orthodontists.


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