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Dr. McNutt Receives Award & Speaks At Invisalign Summit

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Dr. McNutt Awarded The Highest Clinical Outcome
Score In North America For Invisalign Teen

Every two years Invisalign accepts case submissions for orthodontic patients treated with Invisalign.  These cases are peer reviewed blindly by orthodontists and four top doctors are selected  In 2016 Dr. McNutt submitted several of his cases for review to see how his outcomes stack up against the best of the best.  Dr. McNutt earned the highest scores for the Invisalign Teen category in all of North America.  This award is based on measures of case difficulty, treatment planning & execution, diagnostic records and treatment results.

Dr. McNutt and three other doctors were invited to present their cases and treatment protocols at the bi-annual Invisalign Summit Shootout.  Dr. McNutt was truly honored and humbled to speak to an audience of over 3,500 made up of orthodontists and their staff from around the world.

Below are some picture highlights from Dr. McNutt’s presentation.


Here are Dr. McNutt’s thoughts on this award:

I am proud of my team for working so hard for our patients and I was humbled by this honor. I was thankful for my wife being there to support me and for the UNC alumni who supported me. To be recognized in this way is a testament to the the fact that we have something special going on at McNutt Orthodontics.

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Treatment Simulation For Braces or Invisalign

We have reduced goopy molds in our practice by 80% in our office with our iTero Digital Scanner. The technology even allows us to simulate a before and after prior to treatment with braces or Invisalign. Here is an example of a real patient who started treatment after seeing her treatment simulation! Totally cool!


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Stop Hunger Now Project at Cary Christian School

Dr. McNutt & his team were glad to once again sponsor this great event.  Dr. McNutt was on site taking lots of pictures and put together this movie montage.  Great ministries are worth supporting!

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Teach me how to brushy! Fun video with a message…

Dr. McNutt was born in Oregon and this great patient education video was produced by the Oregon Dental Association. A special thanks to Dr. Jon Silcox for making us aware of this great video.

Parents and patients, please remember that during orthodontic treatment, it is critically important to continue visiting your family dentist or your pediatric dentist for regular dental check-ups, cleanings and to check for dental decay.

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The 2013 Walk For Hope and Healing of Orphaned Children: Sunday April 7 at 2 PM, Koka Booth Amphitheatre in Cary NC

To donate, become a corporate sponsor, or participate click here or visit The 2013 Walk For Hope and Healing will be held on Sunday April 7, at 2 O’Clock PM in Cary NC at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre. In 2010 the McNutt Family and the Brannon Family partnered together to host the first annual Walk For Hope and Healing of Orphaned Children. This event raises funds for physicians from the U.S. to travel to China in order to provide life changing, and in some cases life saving, surgeries for orphaned children. Thousands of children are abandoned due to a cultural belief that children born with medical conditions are unlucky and can bring shame to a family. These children often end up in the orphanage system. In a crowded orphanage environment, even if surgery can be arranged, the high level of pre- and post-operative care these children need is not likely to be available. In 2010 the inaugural 5K Walk For Hope and Healing of Orphaned Children raised enough to fund cleft lip and palate repair for fifteen orphan children. Without surgical repair, these children are deemed defective and not eligible for adoption.

LWB-banner-2013-5 copy
Come walk with us and have some fun for a great cause!

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Cooper Elementary School Community Day & 5K Run

Dr. McNutt and Ms. Claire Patterson spoke to each individual class (over 650 kids) at Cooper Elementary School on Friday about good oral health habits. We were very impressed with how well mannered the children were. They paid attention and asked great questions, from kindergarten all the way up to the 5th graders! On Saturday we enjoyed being a part of their 5k run! Go Rockets!

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Xylitol in Orthodontics and Dentistry

Ask the Orthodontist: “Should I chew gum with braces or Invisalign?” In my orthodontic practice, we are always looking for ways to improve oral health for our patients and to implement the latest proven methods to prevent the risk of tooth decay during orthodontic treatment. The use of Xylitol containing gum and mints for our orthodontic patients greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay or problems with tooth enamel during treatment. We have been on the cutting edge of Xylitol use and began implementing it in 2011. Xylitol, is a natural sugar sweetener found many fruits and vegetables, and hardwoods. In direct contrast to what many orthodontists recommend, we advise our orthodontic patients to chew xylitol containing gum during orthodontic treatment. Despite the fact that chewing gum may possibly lead to a loose brace on a tooth, the benefits of xylitol are so great that we will gladly fix a loose brace if it happens. Careful chewing gum has been clinically proven to reduce discomfort associated with orthodontic tooth movement and increases clearance/removal of plaque and food debris from around braces and orthodontic appliances.

Xylitol Has Several Benefits For Our Patients
Reduces Xerostomia (dry mouth) by increasing salivary gland production. A dry mouth is much more susceptible to tooth decay and producing a healthy amount of saliva is important for maintaining good oral health. Saliva contains a many beneficial immune system components that help to combat the bacteria in our mouth. Every day our salivary glands produce saliva and saliva production is at its peak around age 14. After about age 14 saliva production slowly declines with age. In general, the vast majority of saliva is produced while we are awake and production greatly reduces while we sleep. Many children and adults are on prescription medications that cause dry mouth as a side effect. Xylitol stimulates a beneficial increase in saliva.

Bacteriostatic: Streptococcus mutans, the primary bacteria involved in the caries process (tooth decay), fails to thrive well in the presence of xylitol. There are many studies that have demonstrated the benefits of xylitol to reduce tooth decay. In fact, xylitol has also been shown to greatly reduce otitis media (ear infections of the middle ear in children, eustachian tube bacteriostatic effect).

Enamel Remineralization: When acid is produced by bacteria in our mouths, or when we drink acid containing beverages like most sodas, our tooth enamel starts to become demineralized. This creates weak spots on our teeth that are susceptible to permanent enamel damage and tooth decay. Xylitol interacts with Calcium ions and facilitates preferential / faster enamel remineralization and repair.

Dr. McNutt’s recommended brand of Xylitol gum and instructions for orthodontic patients:
Hershey’s Ice Breakers Ice Cubes: contains 1 gram of xylitol per cube. Exposure of 2-3 grams per day in the oral cavity produces the clinically significant effects noted above. We advise our patients to chew 2-3 cubes per day for 30 minutes, preferably directly after finishing a meal.

Other Patient Populations In Dentistry Who Benefit From Xylitol:
-Pediatric Dental Patients at High Risk For Tooth Decay
-Middle Aged Adults and Geriatric Dental Patients (especially those with high potential for root caries and for those on prescription medications that cause dry mouth)
-Diabetics: Diabetes is an epidemic in our country. Xylitol sweeteners contain 33% fewer calories than sucrose and xylitol is absorbed slowly, and lessens the risk for an unwanted blood sugar spike.

To download a pdf version of this blog post click here.

To learn more about the Dental Benefits of Xylitol consider visiting on the web.

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A Brief History of Orthodontics

Here is a link to an article on our site that chronicles the history of orthodontic treatment back to ancient times. Read and enjoy!
Click here to read the article.
Dr. Matthew-

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Invisalign: Dr. McNutt’s Continuing Education

Invisalign Premier Treatment Center: Orthodontist Continuing Education Record Dr. Matthew McNutt

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“Where in the World is Dakota” Contest To Win Tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters!

Contest Begins January 15th and ends Feb 25th.
The show at the PNC Arena in Raleigh will be Friday, March 1, at 7:00 PM.

Dr. McNutt’s lovable Great Dane Dakota is a favorite sight to see in the local Christmas Parade. Now Dakota is going to have some more fun with our patients for this contest. For rules on how to participate and win click Where In The World Is Dakota Contest 2013, and then click the contest title again to open the pdf document.

A successful orthodontic practice doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to excellence in orthodontics and in our relationships with patients. We’d like to take a moment to thank you for showing your confidence in our practice by recommending us to your friends, family and colleagues. We’re gratified to find how many new patients regularly call on us based on your words of advice.

Dr. Matthew and his team at Cary Orthodontics & Clayton Orthodontics-

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Patient Appreciation Contest: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and Dragons Show in Raleigh: 4 Tickets

Well, 2013 is moving fast and we are already starting a our 2nd patient appreciation contest. For rules on how to participate and win click here: Ringling-Barnum-Bailey-Circus-Contest-McNutt-Orthodontist-2013, and then click the contest title again to open the pdf document.

To learn more abut the circus show website click here.

A successful orthodontic practice doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to excellence in orthodontics and in our relationships with patients. We’d like to take a moment to thank you for showing your confidence in our practice by recommending us to your friends, family and colleagues. We’re gratified to find how many new patients regularly call on us based on your words of advice.

Dr. Matthew and his team at Cary Orthodontics & Clayton Orthodontics-


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iPad Mini Give-Away Google Review Patient Contest

We are excited to launch our first patient appreciation contest for 2013. For rules on how to participate and win click here: Google-Review-iPad-Mini-Contest-2013, and then click the contest title again to open a pdf document.

Thanks for all your support and good luck!


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From Our Family To Yours…

From our family to yours, we wish a Merry Christmas!


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Invisalign Testimonial from MLS and Railhawks Soccer Star Sean O’Conner

Dr. McNutt,
I am so grateful that I ended up coming to Dr. McNutt to straighten my teeth. I didn’t know a lot about my options, and he was incredibly helpful and honest right from the start. I just got the feeling that he was a good person, and I was right. I am so happy with my treatment, and I was surprised that it did not affect soccer at all. I even played games for the Railhawks with my Invisalign trays in. Thanks to you, I have the smile I’ve always wanted!

God Bless,
Sean O’Connor

To learn more about Sean O’Conner’s private goal keeper camps, click here.

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The ABCs Infant Oral Health Care

Written by Orthodontist Dr. Matthew D McNutt DDS, MS

This article is the first in a series on Infant Oral Health Care and will focus on early oral hygiene.

My first child, Zachary, was born in 2003 and a more proud papa could not be found. As an orthodontist I am responsible for the oral health care of my patients and for educating patients about their preventive care. Until my first son was born, I rarely encountered questions in my daily practice about infant oral care. When Zachary began teething, I realized that I had better brush up on the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of infant oral care. After re-visiting my notes, I concluded that there is a lot of useful information that many people may not know.

Pediatric dental exams should begin as early as age 1 or after the first tooth erupts. As parents we are used to taking our children to see the pediatrician from day one and seemingly for every ear infection thereafter. Pediatricians are an integral part of ensuring the health and well-being of our children but they are not experts on many important dental issues that parents face. A pediatric dental exam should address: medical history, family history of dental decay and transmissibility of bacteria, feeding practices, infant oral hygiene, systemic fluoride assessment, non-nutritive sucking issues, teething (timing/sequence of tooth eruption), preventing facial trauma and an oral exam. Parents should also expect to learn about medications that may predispose toddlers to dental decay, such as those that cause dry mouth, certain asthma medications and chronic use of sugar-based (for taste) medications. Learning about these issues before they arise is the key to prevention.

The following is general advice for infant/toddler oral heath care:
Prevention of dental decay (caries) and positive reinforcement of health care values should start very early life. Dental decay can develop before age 1 and fluoride present by age 6 months may be beneficial for optimum prevention.

Should I mix fluoridated tap water with powdered infant formula to feed my baby? Fluoridation in young children is controversial, and infants who consume powdered formula mixed with fluoridated tap water may be exposed to levels of fluoride that may cause mild fluorosis. The following is from the CDC US Gov Dept of Health and Human Services:

“Recent evidence suggests that mixing powdered or liquid infant formula concentrate with fluoridated water on a regular basis may increase the chance of a child developing the faint, white markings of very mild or mild enamel fluorosis.
You can use fluoridated water for preparing infant formula. However, if your child is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance for mild dental fluorosis. To lessen this chance, parents can use low-fluoride bottled water some of the time to mix infant formula; these bottled waters are labeled as de-ionized, purified, demineralized, or distilled.”

When should I begin brushing my child’s teeth? Opinion polls show that most parents wait too long to begin brushing (average starting age is 3 yrs old). A child’s teeth need to be cleaned as soon as the first tooth erupts. Parents can begin to clean a child’s gums with a soft washcloth before tooth eruption and this will help to prepare your child for cleaning after the teeth erupt. Brushing should be done before bed; twice daily is optimal. Infant toothbrushes with small soft bristles are available. Apply a TINY smear of toothpaste to the brush (if you are unsure about this contact me or consult a pediatric dentist). Allow your child some ‘playtime’ with the toothbrush before or after you brush. For infants and toddlers, lay them on the bed or in your lap. Place a finger in the corner of their mouth and pull the cheek aside. Typically your child will open his or her mouth (and then insert the brush). As your toddler grows older, you can seat them and help them brush from behind. Supervision of brushing is essential and should continue at least until your child is able to easily tie his or her shoes (this demonstrates mastery of basic manual dexterity and psychomotor skills). In summary, start early, establish daily routines and make brushing a ‘team’ effort.

Future articles will address teething, timing/sequence of tooth eruption, non-nutritive sucking habits (thumb-sucking, pacifiers, etc.), pacifier selection, prevention of dental trauma and baby-bottle dental decay. If you have questions about any of these issues and need immediate information, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to speak to you.
Cary Orthodonics and Clayton Orthodontics
North Carolina

Acknowledgements: This article adapted in part from lecture material presented by Dr. W.F. Vann, Jr. DDS (9/9/02 Pediatric Oral Health). CDC:

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